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Technical writing

Health Writing 

In my role as head writer and executive producer for my radio program, I specialized in fusing interdisciplinary topics to create a story, providing fascinating context for research and policy, and paying special attention to inclusion and intercultural understanding. I can help you translate your research into educational articles and web content for patients and general audiences. 

Scientific Communications

In my academic career I was awarded for my technical writing which was an accessible read for student audiences across departments. In reading, writing and carrying out peer reviewed research, I became familiar with various style guides, the components of different types of scientific documents, and effective vs. ineffective writing. I will help you communicate your research in a way that is useful for a wide audience of scientists, from students to experts.

Promotional Writing

Do you need educational or advertising materials for your company or product? I can provide content marketing, scripts for radio/podcasts/video, and copy in multiple formats (e.g. web, email, whitepapers, brochures, presentation, etc.) to communicate your medical and scientific information to your customers and/or other businesses. 


Culure writing

The intersections of pop culture and human rights are some of my favorite topics to talk about and write about. I've done so as a journalist, as the former author of the TEDxFlourCity blog,* as a radio producer/writer/host and as a public radio show panelist. I'd love to help you create rich and nuanced long-form projects; especially artist profiles, music and pop culture analyses and pieces on emerging tech, relationships and wellness.

*contact me for samples of this work




Developmental editing


For academic papers, technical reports, clinical documents, presentations, proposals, health articles, marketing communications:


In the early stages of your writing, I will work with you to develop overall clarity, structure, consistency, creative presentation of ideas, formatting, and compliance with journal/publication guidelines and style guides. This will create a roadmap for your next draft. 

Copyediting, Line Editing, and Proofreading 


For all styles of writing: in the final stages of your writing before publication, I will review your work as follows...

If you need a copy edit I will provide a thorough edit of your manuscript for errors, paying close attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, style, accuracy, etc.

If you need a line edit, your document has been copyedited already. I will review your work for language use, redundancy, tone, clarity, and impact. These edits are at the sentence and paragraph level. 

If you need a proofread, your document has been copyedited (and possibly line-edited) already and has very few major errors. I will review your work for overall clarity, quality, and accuracy. This is the final stage before publication.  

Anais Salibian, Author

“I loved working with Irene because she is very professional and relaxed at the same time. We had a clear contract; she gave very specific feedback in a timely manner; I learned from her, not only some technical things but how to better organize my material. "
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